Heading into their Bye Week, the Eagles record stands at 4-4 thanks to Sunday's win over the Jaguars in London.  The Eagles, despite most people's expectations, are statistically a lesser team than last season's group and have struggled to close out games.  After eight games in 2017, the Eagles were 7-1 while scoring 29 Points Per Game to start the season; after eight games this year the Eagles Offense is averaging just 22.3 Points Per Game.

2002 NFL MVP and CBS NFL Analyst Rich Gannon joined The Locker Room with Billy Schweim on Saturday discussing the difficulties for the Eagles in their first season after winning a Super Bowl championship:

"I think the hardest thing in football at this level is the ability to handle success. - I’m not saying that it goes to everybody’s head but the offseason is compromised because you got players doing different appearances and writing books and coaches and things like that and before you know it you’ve got a new football team.  You lose players in free agency, you add draft picks and all of a sudden the makeup of the team is different....But to me, this is still a good football team - The division is gonna come down between Philly and Washington....I saw a lot of confidence in Carson Wentz, I think he is one of the better young quarterbacks in football but I will tell you that (Eagles) got to be able to play better around him...and taking some of those hits off him.”

Hear what Gannon had to say about how opposing teams are game planning for the Eagles in 2018, perspective on Patrick Mahomes, and this year's class of Rookie Quarterbacks

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