The 1-4-1 Philadelphia Eagles have plenty of holes to fill due in large part to a numbers of injuries. The team has multiple injuries across the offensive line, leaving Carson Wentz and Jason Kelce as the only two opening day starters to finish the game on Sunday against Baltimore.

While DeSean Jackson may be back on Thursday night, Miles Sanders and Zach Ertz could miss the game.

But help could be on the way.

According to CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora, the Eagles and Howie Roseman are expected to be aggressive at the trade deadline.

"Howie is on the prowl already," one rival general manager said. "He's looking for action. If there is a trade to be made he'll do it. Bringing in a free agent from the outside is tougher now and more risky with COVID, and he loves to make trades anyway. I'll bet you anything he gets something done before the deadline."

While injuries have been a major problem on the offensive line and wide receiver, its another area that Roseman is looking to upgrade - linebacker.

Linebacker, an area of consideration in the early rounds of the draft, is one area of focus for the team, according to some who have been in contact with Roseman.

The team has really stuggled against opposing tight ends, jet sweeps with Nate Gerry, T.J. Edwards, Duke Riley getting a bulk of the snaps this season. On Sunday, Alex Singleton and rookie Shawn Bradley saw more action, but its still a position that needs a major upgrade.

The NFL trade deadline in Nov 3.

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