The question - did someone get to Chip Kelly?

Wednesday in Chip Kelly's press conference he took blame for the problems with the Eagles offense.

The Eagles coach, who has constantly said execution has been the major issue for his team, and that when there are plays to be made they need to be made, changed his tune this week.

"I think a lot of it goes to first and second down," admitted Kelly. "I think lack of success on first and second down. I've got to do a better job play-calling and put us in better situations so we've got a little bit manageable third-down situations, in terms of always being in third-and-long."

"Percentage-wise, you're just not going to convert as much as you are going to convert on third-and-short and third-and-medium. So I think it's an effort for us to do a better job on first and second down."

On this week's edition of Sal Pal Friday's, ESPN NFL reporter Sal Paolantonio said this was a big change from Kelly.

"Mike it's the most important thing that happened this week," Paolantonio said on the Sports Bash.

"The biggest news of all is that Kelly stopped blaming the team, stopped blaming the players, stopped blaming the execution, and said that he and the coaching staff were equally to blame and that he and the coaches needed to do a better job in design and play-calling."

"Who got to Chip Kelly?"

Did the owner, the players, was it a council of players, asking him to change his approach?

There are a lot of theories out there and we don't know the answer, did Kelly just have an epiphany, did another coach go to him that he respects and ask him to change his tune?

Who got to Kelly and why did he abruptly change his tune?