The first two weeks of NFL free agency have come and gone and its clear the Eagles had a plan, fix their leaky secondary.

However, one area that many wanted the Eagles to fix as gone without a face-lift and that is the wide receiver position.  Howie Roseman has passed on upgrading his wide receiving unit via trade or with this years free agent crop of wide outs in favor of bolstering their secondary, something ESPN's NFL reporter Sal Paolantonio wasn't a fan of.

"If you could come away with DeAndre Hopkins and Darius Slay, which I think was definitely doable, they would have had a great offseason," Paolantonio explained.

The Eagles apparently did enter the Hopkins sweepstakes, according to Roseman, who told reporters on Thursday that the deal the Texans offered him was different than what the Cardinals ended up landing.

"I think it was a mistake, absolutely a mistake not to trade for Hopkins if they had the chance," Paolantonio continued.

The Texans compensation has been criticized as nothing being enough for a player of Hopkins ability, the Cardinals’ offered running back David Johnson and a second-round pick for the talent wide out.

"Lets just say Bill O'Brien called up Howie Roseman and said I want Miles Sanders, your first-round pick in 2021, and your second-rounder in 2020 - I do that deal, no question in my mind, I do that deal," Paolantonio said.

"And that would have been a better deal than they got from Arizona - a much, much better deal."

"You take on a No. 1 wide receiver, the guy is the best wide receiver in your conference, and you had a chance to put him not only in your conference, but on your team."


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