As the saga continues with Sam Bradford frustration with the Quarterback situation in Philadelphia, ESPN NFL Nation Insider Phil Sheridan says Bradford has the chance with Eagles to change the narrative of his underachieving career so far:

(Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

"One of the problems you have with all this is that Sam Bradford has been paid a ton of money in his rookie contract and now with the Eagles, has never really accomplished anything, some of that's injuries, some of that's himself, some of that's the way the St. Louis Rams managed their team for a couple of years. So it's not a clear easy picture of if it's all about Bradford, it's not he gets all the excuses and no responsibility, it's a little bit of a mix. But if he went out this year with this coach, trying to win in his first job as Head Coach and (Sam) delivers, then he can change the story line, he could change the plan and he's giving up the chance to do that."

Hear why Sheridan says both Eagles and Bradford are to blame in this on going saga, also on how Eagles situation was very different on March 1st compared to last week when they acquired the second overall pick