The Eagles have maneuvered their way from in January standing at 13th overall in the 2016 NFL Draft to now sitting content at 2nd overall and Howie Roseman has said the Eagles will be drafting a Quarterback at this spot.  ESPN NFL Nation Eagles Reporter Phil Sheridan says that the team was working towards the goal of drafting a Quarterback from the start of the offseason:


"Clearly this is all about getting a Quarterback; they were able to move up to number 8, Howie Roseman said that for them to be drafting in the top ten is something that doesn't happen very often and they don't want it to happen often but while they're here they better make the most of it. And if there's a chance to get a Quarterback, you better take it. And so they did everything they could to try to make this happen and that's what this has been all about. Everything they have done has been with this in mind; so re-signing Sam Bradford, signing Chase Daniel as a free agent, those moves were made with the idea that the ultimate goal was to get up in this draft and try to find a way to get a Quarterback. So they're stockpiling Quarterbacks, they'll have three guys at this point, you know Bradford is making a lot of money, Daniel is making a lot of money, first round pick number two taken overall is going to be a guy making some real money. So the hope is that by throwing three darts at the board you hit at least one bull's eye and that's the (Eagles) aim here"

Hear what Sheridan had to say about his perspective on the Eagles-Browns trade, the impact all of this will have on Sam Bradford, and more