Many Mock Drafts have the Eagles selecting an Offensive Lineman with the number eight overall selection thinking that Left tackle Jason Peters time as the Eagles Left Tackle is coming to an end sooner than later.

ESPN NFL Nation Eagles Reporter Phil Sheridan explains the De-evolution of Jason Peters:

Al Bello/Getty Images

"The whole Jason Peters' thing is one of the big questions about this team really. Here's a guy that's been, as Chip Kelly liked to say, a Hall of Fame caliber player. He's been a rock for them for a long time but all of a sudden he's 34, he had back problems last year, I mean he just wasn't the player he had been. I don't know what role Chip Kelly's up tempo offense and the inability to kind of just catch his breath after every play, that might have been in the mix there. Running a more standard offense and being able to just do his job without having to do all the up tempo stuff and everything, that might get Jason Peters another year or two. But at 34, not a lot of guys play Tackle too much longer in the NFL and its the kind of position that kinda wears your body down and it looked like Peters' body was wearing down last year."

Sheridan goes on to say why drafting an offensive lineman makes sense for the Eagles future:

"So getting that guy who could play if Peters can't but could play Guard for a year, just kinda learn and get his legs under him in the NFL now that wouldn't be the worst possible move. Its not as exciting talking about Ezekiel Elliott or one of these Quarterbacks but it may be the kind of team building thing that would make a lot of sense"

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