Kyle Lowry attended Cardinal Dougherty High School in Philadelphia before playing ball at Villanova and was drafted 24th overall in the 2006 NBA Draft.  Lowry has developed into a three time All-Star selection during his five seasons in Toronto where he has averaged 18.2 Points Per Game, 6.8 Assists Per Game, and compiled a 42.7 Field Goal Percent with the Raptors.

Philadelphia Inquirer Sixers Beat Writer Keith Pompey joined The Sports Bash on Thursday and explained why the Sixers should go after Kyle Lowry this summer:

"Whenever you get a guy like a Kyle Lowry from Philadelphia, a guy who has a great relationship with Bryan Colangelo, Villanova, the whole nine, and is interested in coming home, you have to take advantage of that....He may not there five years from now, however he’s the type of guy that will help them get to the next level. That’s why I think the Sixers need to go after him because he brings something to them. Joel Embiid, he only played 31 games; as good as we talk about and everyone says that Ben Simmons is going to be 'the next Magic Johnson', he has yet to play a game. Right now you have a guy who is arguably one of the 10 best players I the league....Some people may disagree with that, but at the same time he’s a three time all star; if he comes here he is able to recruit these other type of athletes that the Sixers need.  Because at this stage in his career, Joel Embiid cant do that, Ben Simmons cant do that, and that’s the reasons why the Sixers have to go after Kyle Lowry.”

Checkout what Pompey had to say about what Sixers need to do this offseason along with analysis on the prospects in 2017 NBA Draft

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