After selecting Duke guard Jared McCain in Wednesday's first round of the 2024 NBA Draft, the Sixers chose UCLA center Adem Bona in Thursday's second round.

Bona, selected with the 41st overall pick, played two seasons of college basketball under Mick Cronin. He averaged 12 points, nearly six rebounds, and almost two blocks in 33 games as a sophomore in 2023-24.

Bona attempted just one three-pointer in his college career. He shot below 70 percent from the foul line across his two college seasons. His defensive ability will largely hinge on will, strength, and versatility. It's the offensive end of the floor where his viability comes into question. He profiles as a high-energy interior presence either way. But, at just 6-foot-8, it's difficult to convince yourself that he will be able to consistently relieve Joel Embiid in the immediate future without problems on the offensive end of the floor.

Center is perhaps the most difficult position to translate to the NBA in the short term anyway. It's reasonable to expect that it will take him some time to be ready - that is, if he ever sees the floor in Philadelphia.

But, drafting another center to back up Embiid raises some questions about Paul Reed's future in Philadelphia. Reed's $7,723,000 salary is not guaranteed because the Sixers did not win the first round of the 2024 playoffs. Bona, on the other hand, can be paid via an exception. That is, the Sixers would not have to pencil Bona into their cap space heading into the 2024 free agency period.

That suggests a couple of options, assuming Philadelphia views Bona as a center.

If the Sixers trust Bona to back up Embiid immediately, they could let Reed go to create additional cap space. They could let Reed walk away, or they could attempt to bring him back at a lower salary. Either way, it would create more flexibility with the summer transaction period officially underway. Another option would be to let Reed go and add another center at a lower salary to play those minutes while Bona develops. Of course, the Sixers could just like what they already have in place at that position, opting to keep Reed at his current salary and adding Bona to the pool of young players to develop.

The Sixers have long touted this offseason as a summer of major change. If Bona makes the team, Philadelphia will have eight roster spots left to fill for the regular season. Drafting a big with Reed's contract not guaranteed only makes you ponder what the Sixers have in store even more.

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