After after adding Didi Gregorius as their new regular shortstop, the Phillies need to decide what to do with 2019 shortstop Jean Segura.  Segura had a solid season donning the red pin stripes, hitting .280 with 12 homers and 60 RBI in 144 games, but will be playing a new position in 2020.

"We added another good player, Segura told the assembled media at his locker in Clearwater on Monday. "As a professional baseball player, I have to understand what's best for the team."

What's best for the team isn't quite clear yet, but what is clear is with Gregorius in, Segura is out of his normal position. He will get looks at both second base and third base this spring, while Scott Kingery, a natural second baseman will also be vying to play one of the positions.

"This is somewhat tricky," Philies manager Joe Girardi admitted. "But I think what we are going to see if that they both can play both very well. It's just what's the best combination of the three."

What might be best is to use Segura at third base for this season, the the event Gregorious, who is on a one-year deal, isn't back next season.  Then Segura  can move from third back to shortstop, remaining on the left-side of the infield.  It would also allow Kingery to finally play the position he is most comfortable playing after masquerading as a super-utility player his first, two seasons.


On Monday, Kingery took most of his reps at second, his natural position, and Segura took his reps at third, a position he has never played before.

While Segura did say he preferred to play "another position", which presumably means shortstop, he did reiterate that he will do what is "best for the team."  Segura did say however, he would like to know if he will open the season at second or third before the teams heads to Philly for Opening Day.

He will do so after dropping 14 pounds in the offseason, crediting better eating and sleeping habits and no longer drinking whiskey.

"I've been working out," Segura explained. "I quit alcohol....whiskey."


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