Well the Eagles can take Steve Spagnuolo off their list if in fact they are looking for a new defensive coordinator. A report by FoxSports.com NFL insider Jay Glazer says that Spagnuolo will be the new defensive coordinator in New Orleans with the Saints.

So what does that mean for Eagles fans who thought that maybe Juan Castillo would be a one and done defensive coordinator?

It means it looks like Juan Castillo will get another season as Eagles defensive boss.   Spagnuolo had been in Philadelphia under Jim Johnson as a linebacker coach and built a dominant defensive line with the Giants.  Early in his St. Louis tenure, he had promising results up front with the Rams, but after a 2-14 season, he was fired on January 2.

Meanwhile, the Eagles look like they might have to go back to Castillo.

Is that even a bad thing?  That's a tough question to answer, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie himself suggested to put a lot of stock in the seasons final four games would be foolish.  In those final four games, Castillo's defense excelled and might have saved his job.

While Spagnuolo is a more accomplished defensive mind, making a change would be the fourth coordinator in four years.  Either way, Castillo might have just lived to run the defense for another season in Philadelphia.

For now all is quiet on the Eagles front, Andy Reid as yet to talk to the media following the teams final game.  However, one would have to imagine with Spagnuolo out of the mix, Castillo is feeling a lot better about his chances of returning.

Only time will tell.