Here's what you missed on the Sports Bash Saturday with Matt Hammond on May 10:

Jordan Matthews, Eagles WR

(1) Emotion of getting drafted

(2) Excitement to play for Chip Kelly

(3) What he brings to the Eagles

(4) His unrelenting work ethic

(5) First thing he'll do when he gets to Philly

-- Fans don't like Eagles draft because they don't understand the strategy. We do.

The Roundup

(1) Patriots draft Jimmy Garoppolo -- Tom Brady's heir-apparent?

(2) Patriots scathing scouting report on Johnny Manziel leaked

(3) Josh Gordon facing year-long suspension for third failed drug test

(4) Texans, Jaguars emerging as early winners in NFL Draft

-- Eagles don't need good value, just good players, wherever they get them.

-- Josh Gordon's not the reason NFL needs to revisit its marijuana policy.

Bill Barnwell,

(1) Do teams ever just take best player available?

(2) Does value matter? Or is it all about talent, wherever you get it?

(3) Should character be as important as ability in draft process?

(4) How long can Eagles pay LeSean McCoy double-digit millions?

-- As RB value hits record low, how much longer will Eagles pay LeSean McCoy NFL high salary?

-- Fans are upset that Eagles are trading away picks. But what's wrong with keeping it small?

Sick Sound

-- Sal Pal reports how a homeless guy helped Johnny Manziel get drafted

-- Harold Reynolds call of umpires making worst call in MLB history

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