In the days since the Philadelphia Eagles drafted a Quarterback in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, there has been extensive debate about why the team selected Jalen Hurts.  ESPN NFL Reporter Sal Paolantonio reported on Sportscenter that Jalen Hurts was a "Doug Pederson Pick" and Howie Roseman believes the team couldn't pass up on the Quarterback who started his College Football career at Alabama before transferring to Oklahoma this past season.

A man who knows extensively about Oklahoma Football is WWE Hall of Famer and Broadcasting Legend Jim Ross.  "JR" joined The Sports Bash with Mike Gill on Friday with more insights into Jalen Hurts the football player:

"(Jalen Hurts) grew up in a football family, his dad was a high school coach, a successful one down in Houston.  He gets recruited and starts as a Freshman for Nick Saban (at Alabama), that isn't easy....He's a much better Quarterback than he is perceived to be.  I think he's perceived to be more of a runner and throw if you have to (Quarterback).  But he's got a good arm and I think Doug Pederson is a brilliant offensive mind.  - (Hurts) is not coming there to replace Carson Wentz, he's there to add to Carson Wentz and more specifically to add to the Philadelphia Eagles offense."

Checkout what else Jim Ross had to say about Jalen Hurts, the Philadelphi Eagles, his Broadcasting career, and his new book "Under The Black Hat: My Life in the WWE and Beyond"

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