Here's what you missed on the Sports Bash Saturday with Matt Hammond on June 6:

Brady Quinn, NFL QB

-- How good was Nick Foles in Year 1?

-- How good can he be in Year 2?

-- Nick Foles or Chip Kelly -- who's more to credit for Foles' success on the field?

-- How would he feel to lose DeSean Jackson?

-- Does he agree with painkiller lawsuits filed against the NFL?

-- Can Johnny Manziel be a party boy and successful an NFL quarterback?

Josh Huff, Eagles rookie WR

-- Where he was when he got the call on NFL Draft Weekend.

-- How much Chip Kelly means to him.

-- What makes him play so nasty.

-- Can he be a No. 2 or 3 WR in this league? What about a No. 1?

-- His impressions of Nick Foles, the Eagles locker room culture

Israel Gutierrez, ESPN NBA analyst

-- What did LeBron cramping up in fourth quarter of Game 1 mean to him?

-- Should LeBron have tried to play through the cramps?

-- LeBron says he's the "easiest" target in sports -- why?

-- Is there just no one else to blame on the Heat?

-- Will Game 1's outcome change his prediction for the series?


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