The Philadelphia Flyers keep their point streak alive as they lose in a shootout to the Washington Capitals. I figured this was going to be a loss because let's be real, there was no way the Flyers were going to win THREE STRAIGHT SHOOTOUTS, am I right? The Capitals dominated the first period by a long shot. For the Flyers to battle as hard as they did, I was very impressed. Carter Hart had a spectacular performance once again and he truly deserves a ton of praise. In the third period, the Flyers finally capitalized on a powerplay thanks to Jake Voracek dishing the biscuit over the Claude Giroux to tie the game. Sean Couturier hit the pipe in overtime, Matt Niskanen had a good chance, and the squad controlled the puck for majority of the three on three session. At the end of the day, they lost the skills competition, but the effort was there as they played inspired hockey. Also something to note, the Flyers penalty killed kept Alex Ovechkin, TJ Oshie, Evgeny Kutznetsov, and their weapons off the board.

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