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 Here is today’s show: Friday, November 8th 2013

Injury Report

It's our injury report with Joe DeRosa of Eastern Shore Physical Therapy.

Barrett Brooks

Former Eagles OL and Super Bowl champion Barrett Brooks on here for an Eagles/Raiders preview. Brooks also talked about the issue of bullying the locker room with the Richie Incognito and Johnathan Martin issue on the front pages this week. Brooks said he would never let Richie Incognito treat him like that and he would physically confront him before doing anything else. Brooks also talks about the culture in today's locker room and what happens from here. Follow Brooks on Twitter.

6-Pack of Picks

Mike & Todd with their 6-pack of picks for Week 10 in the NFL.

Jayson Stark

Did some Phillies off season stuff in this segment with ESPN.com MLB insider Jayson Stark. Stark said that he thinks since Ruben Amaro has had the job, this will be the first time that his team in place is not an October bound team and it will be a challenge. Stark said that it's clear that Carlos Ruiz will not be had at a hometown discount and it all depends if John Buck, or Jarrod Salty are acceptable alternatives. It's also becoming less and less likely that the Phillies will bring back Roy Halladay. Follow Stark on Twitter.

Bill Johnson

Our Outside View took us to Wisconsin this week for a preview of the Eagles vs. Packers game. We were joined by Bill Johnson, 540 ESPN at 4:30 today. Johnson said that he isnt sure that the Packers can even run the ball effectively without Aaron Rodgers. A lot of teams respected Rodgers so much that the run was effective that way. Johnson also said that the Packers defense has played well aside from the Chicago Bears. Nick Foles may throw for 7 TDS again if the Packers defense played similarly to the way they played in the second half on Monday night.

Top Tweets

It's a Friday edition of top tweets!

Geoff Mosher

CSN Philadelphia Geoff Mosher called in at 5:05 to talk Eagles vs. Packers. Mosher talked about the defense in particular the secondary on how they match up with Green Bay against no Aaron Rodgers. Seneca Wallace is 6-15 as a starter, but he does have a good completion % and passer rating. Wallace doesn't turn the ball over much and he knows their offense. Mosher also said that if Nick Foles does struggle and contributes to a loss then the Eagles are somewhat back to square one. Follow Mosher on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. Shut down the Packers Running Game

2. No Dallas Repeats for Foles

3. Win Battles Up Front on Offense – GB 10th in league Sacks/Pass Attempt

4. Get Shady Going – GB 5th in league rushing yards/game

5. Keep Seneca Wallace Uncomfortable

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