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 Here is today’s show: Thursday, October 3rd 2013.

Jeff Pasquino

Starts, sits, sleepers, studs and duds from our 97.3 ESPN FM fantasy football insider Jeff Pasquino!

Phil Sheridan

ESPN.com Eagles blogger Phil Sheridan called in for his weekly Thursday interview to preview a huge Eagles Giants game on Sunday. Sheridan talks about the struggles of the Eagles offense and why the team has struggled to score touchdowns recently. Also, how should the Eagles use DeSean Jackson in this offense as well as the tight ends who have been virtually non existent. Will Chip Kelly bail on the Eagles and take a job at USC or at another major college next season?  Follow Sheridan on Twitter.

Howard Cross

Former Giants tight end Howard Cross called in for a Giants perspective and told us why the team has struggled and is 0-4 on the season. Cross is part of the Giants Radio Network and said that this could be a very interesting game and not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. The Giants defense struggles to stop the run, while the Eagles have one of the best rushing attacks in the league. The Giants will need to establish a pass rush and bother Mike Vick because he is a different QB under pressure.

5 Questions

1. Who will you miss the most? Mini-Mart, Pete Orr, Zach Minor and Mauricio Robles off the Phillies' 40 man roster. Tyler Cloyd and Raul Valdes were claimed yesterday off waivers.

2. How will Yasiel Puig fare in the playoffs?

3. Go back to the Miracle at Meadowlands: Should the Eagle feature DeSean Jackson on punt returns all the time, permanently?

4. Are you more into Braves Dodgers or Browns Bills tonight?

5. Josh Freeman cut by Bucs today. He was taken in the 2009 NFL Draft. Now Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez were also in that draft. We'll leave Stafford out of this. Will either Mark Sanchez or Josh Freeman be a starting QB in the NFL next season?