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Tuesday, January 22nd 2013.

Jeremy Schaap

Got Jeremy Schaap on the phone to talk with Mike and Todd about the Manti Te'o situation. Schaap is the only reporter thus far to interview Te'o about the hoax he's been involved in. There is no video, nor audio of the interview so we relied on Schaap to tell us his first-hand account. Schaap said that obviously the person who is responsible for this hoax is a very "disturbed individual." Schaap also discusses the video in the Notre Dame locker room where Te'o reacts to the death of Lennay Kekua.

Delmon Young

Our Phillies insider Matt Hammond called in to talk about the Phillies signing Delmon Young. Hammond was at Citizens Bank Park today where Ruben Amaro and Young spoke to the media about him joining the team. Where will Young play in the OF? What does that mean for Domonic Brown and Darin Ruf? Matt Hammond answers these questions and more in this segment.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL Ed Donatell as Eagles defensive coordinator?

2. BUY or SELL Tim Brown's comments about the Raiders Super Bowl?

3. BUY or SELL singers lip synching?

Top Tweets

A Tuesday edition of top tweets!

Scott Wright

Some NFL draft talk in this segment with Draft Countdown's Scott Wright. Mike Gill asked Wright about this year's QB class and how it compares to years past. Wright says at least 3 QBS will be drafted in the 1st round this year based purely on their need for one.

Chris Herren

Former NBA player Chris Herren called in to promote his visit to the area. Herren is in Ocean City tonight at their high school for his "Project Purple" campaign. Herren was featured in a 30 for 30 episode on ESPN for his prior drug use and addiction. Visit his website for more information: www.GoProjectPurple.org.

5 Questions

1. Does the Delmon Young signing do much to change your thoughts on the Phillies playoff hopes?

2. Can Bynum save the Sixers?

3. Do you buy Tim Brown’s claim that Bill Callahan sabotaged the Raiders in the Super Bowl against the Buccaneers?

4. Are you sick of the Te’o story yet?

5. What’s the craziest sports story of all-time, at least that you can remember?

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