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 Here is today’s show: Tuesday, November 19th 2013

No Call for Gronk?

Took call after call on the non call in last nights MNF game on the evident pass interference against Rob Gronkowski in the end zone as time expired. Mike Gill cant fathom how that is not a penalty on Luke Kuechly in the end zone as Gronkowski was obviously impeded in getting to the ball. Here is just a snap shot of what our callers thought.

Who's In Who's Out

Mike and Todd with their weekly edition the top 12 teams that are in the playoffs.

Jimmy Kempski

Covering the Eagles for Philly.com on for his weekly spot on Tuesdays. Kempski gives us his thoughts on the non call against Rob Gronkowski last night on MNF. Kempski also says that Nick Foles will be your starting QB for the rest of the season and Chip Kelly will sit down with both Foles and Mike Vick to talk about that. With the cold weather months just about here, Kempski tells you if thats an advantage or disadvantage for the Eagles up tempo offense. Follow Kempski on Twitter.

Lloyd Vance

A final look back with NFL Network contributor Lloyd Vance on all the action that was Week 11 in the NFL.

Top Tweets

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

Tom McGinnis

We are pleased to announce that the Sixers can now be heard on 97.3 ESPN FM throughout the 2013 season beginning on Wednesday against Toronto. The voice of the Sixers, Tom McGinnis called in to talk about the surprisingly good start the team is off to. McGinnis talked about the character of some of the players on this current team and the coach that was hired in Brett Brown who will be a 'winner' for years to come.

5 Questions

1. If you had your pick of all of the QBs drafted in the last 4 drafts, so Luck, RG3, Wilson, Tannehill, Foles, Newton, Kaepernick, Bradford… Who would your top three be?

2. Other than Chip Kelly, what is the best acquisition the Eagles made last off season?

3. Should pass interference be reviewable?

4. Today is Ryan Howard’s 34th birthday. What chances do you give him of bouncing back next year?

5. What’s the worst sports moment as a fan in your life?