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Tuesday, June 4th 2013

Dom Brown Soars

Is Domonic Brown turning into a superstar for this team? That's the question Mike and Todd opened up Tuesday's show with. Brown has 9 home runs in ten games and is finally showing why he was the top prospect that he was. Todd Ranck believes last night's win over the Marlins was the best win of the year, while Mike Gill said not so fast. But is this just a hot three week streak for Brown or can we expect high numbers like this the rest of the season?

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Cary Williams

Mike and Todd talk a little bit about Cary Williams and his obligations to his current team in the Eagles. His former team, the Ravens, is going to The White House tomorrow to meet with the president and Williams is not attending because of the Eagles mandatory mini camp. All this coming after Williams was a no-show to OTAs due to various excuses.


Top Tweets

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

Matt Hammond LIVE at CBP

Ryan Messick

Our Eagles insider checks in from Eagles mandatory mini camps and talked with Mike Gill about what he saw from the quarterbacks, offensive line and Cary Williams comments. Messick said Matt Barkley didnt look to good, while Mike Vick and Nick Foles looked good giving Foles the edge. Messick said Williams stood up to the media and their questioning and didnt think he had to defend anything.

5 Questions

1. Heat Spurs NBA Finals, not your prediction, but: The Spurs will win the NBA Championship because ____________?

2. Flip Side: The Heat will win the NBA Championship because __________?

3. What you talked about earlier: Are you more surprised in Domonic Brown or Cole Hamels?

4. Sixers have not hired a coach yet, They haven't even been mentioned really. Is the Sixers job just less attractive than we thought?

5. Last night Phillies game: Marlins apparently took exception to Domonic Brown's bat flip, one player saying "we wont forget it." Why is celebrating in baseball, showing off viewed differently than 3 other sports? TD dances, hockey goals, hanging on rim in NBA, etc?

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