From St. Augustine Prep to Penn State and now the National Football League combine, Longport resident Jack Crawford’s football career has taken him far.

He was in Indianapolis this past week for the combine (held Feb. 22-28), trying to impress NFL scouts and ultimately trying to earn himself a selection in April's NFL draft.

“You hear different things but you just never know,” Crawford said during an appearance on 97.3 ESPN Radio when discussing his chances of being drafted. “You go in with an open mind, you go in with one goal to try and prove yourself that you can play at the next level.”

To even be viewed as an NFL prospect is pretty amazing when you consider Crawford grew up in London, England and didn't play organized football until his junior season at St. Augustine. He relocated to America in 2005, nearly halfway through his high school experience.

“During my sophomore year (in high school) I wasn't playing any football,” Crawford said. “But I started watching football on TV and started to fall in love with the game, so my junior year I went out for the team.”

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