Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft Eagles Quarterback Sam Bradford and his agent Tom Condon have taken center stage by public demanding the Eagles trade Bradford.  But according to Famous "Super Agent" Leigh Steinberg, who represents NFL Quarterback Prospect Paxton Lynch, Bradford and his agent are not going about this in a way he thinks is best:

"From Bradford's standpoint, the best way to get traded is not to ever publicly mention a word about it because the minute that a player, Colin Kaepernick went through the same thing, tells the world that he's disaffected then other teams will take advantage of the team with the incumbent player and they wont offer anything. In the case of Kaepernick they just waited it out. So the best move there, he's got great representation I'm not giving him advice on what to do, but if you want to look at it this way, Philip Rivers got drafted in 2004 to replace Drew Brees, they had given up, the Chargers, on Drew Brees. And instead of taking an attitude, Drew Brees went out was Comeback Player of The Year, had a brilliant 2 to 3 years, Rivers sat on the bench and Brees went ahead and was a very hot free agent. So Bradford is the starting Quarterback and he has the opportunity to have a splendid season or splendid couple seasons. He's got 22 million dollars guaranteed, again he doesn't need my advice but that's a situation where he could have a productive couple years and be hot as a fire cracker on the (NFL) Free Agent Market"

Hear what Steinberg had to say about his client Paxton Lynch, the evolution of the NFL Draft and what he thinks about the Quarterback position in the NFL

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