Chip Kelly

Kelly Admits Dysfunction, Avoids Accountability
( — Jeffrey Lurie claims the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles season was one big accountability test designed to see if Chip Kelly was really the man to lead his organization for years to come.
It's still not all that clear if Kelly accepted the faulty premise of Lurie's tortured experiment but t…
McMullen on the Eagles: Lurie Lacks a Sense or Urgency
( — For a team that hasn't won a championship since 1960, the Philadelphia Eagles sure aren't showing the sense of urgency you might expect.
Or more specifically, their owner isn't.
In the laid-back atmosphere of Boca Raton at the NFL's annual spring meeting Tuesday, Jeffrey Lurie addresse…
Mathis Offers Kelly his Constructive Criticism
PHILADELPHIA ( — Evan Mathis was hardly the only veteran Eagles player who didn't see eye to eye with Chip Kelly and the former Pro Bowl guard, who just won a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos after being released by the ex-Eagles coach, opened up about his time in Philadelph…
Thurmond is Eagles' Toughest Free-Agent Decision
PHILADELPHIA ( — Sam Bradford is obviously the headline but safety Walter Thurmond might be the most interesting case study in the Eagles' impending free-agency class.
For all the criticism Chip Kelly received for his personnel moves, signing the veteran defensive back to a mak…
On the Eagles: The Riley Cooper Fallout
PHILADELPHIA ( — That sure didn't take long.
In what was a long-awaited move by the team's fan base, the Philadelphia Eagles finally cut ties with veteran receiver Riley Cooper on the first day NFL teams could release players who finished the 2015 season on an active roste…
Mike Vrabel Spurns Chip Kelly
Perhaps Chip Kelly isn't as close to Bill Belichick as we think.
Houston Texans linebacker coach has rejected an offer from Kelly to become the San Francisco 49ers next defensive coordinator.

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