Shane Victorino

New York Post: Yankees Need Shane Victorino
And not necessarily among others. Davidoff (New York Post) notes the folly in (1) holding out hope for Brett Garnder, who’s only played nine games this season and, after suffering his third setback rehabbing a right elbow, doesn’t look to be playing too many more (2) relying on Raul Ibanez (40) …
Will The Phillies be Buyers or Sellers? [PODCAST]
One of the biggest questions the rest of this month will be buyer or seller?
Right now the Phillies appear to be in stand pat mode, waiting for their injured stars to regain past form.  Could they deal a guy like Jim Thome or another veteran high-priced player...
Will the Phillies Play More Small Ball?
Will the Phillies finally play more small ball?
After losing two-thirds of the middle of their line-up with Chase Utley and Ryan Howard out for large portions of the season, the Phillies will need to manufactor runs now more then ever...

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