South Jersey's Mexican food scene doesn’t get enough credit.

There are plenty of great food options in South Jersey, but finding that perfect Mexican restaurant with friends is family is always one of the best experiences! There are tons of great Mexican spots in South Jersey, there are some well-known places, and some hidden gems up and down the coast and further out west.

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Most of these great places have more than burritos, Quesadillas, enchiladas, and tacos!

Often times when I'm in the mood for Mexican, I ask the question, where should we go?

The answers are endless! South Jersey has so many great Mexican Restaurants!

I'm going to focus more on places you can sit with your family and friends and have dinner, a nice margarita, and a night out.

Mexican spots are special, many times the hidden gems are the best spots, but we have such a wide variety of places  - South Jersey has great Mexican restaurants!

Fresh basket of hot chips and salsa? Absolutely! There are several local Mexican restaurants in South Jersey that are perfect for fulfilling that Mexican-cuisine craving. South Jersey is home to a lot of great Mexican food, with friendly neighborhood spots to fantastic taquerias, here are the places you need to check out.

We’ve put together a list of The Best Mexican Restaurants in South Jersey (Atlantic Cumberland and Cape May County) - There are plenty of great spots to try in South Jersey, here are some of my favorites!

Don’t see your favorite Mexican restaurant? Let me know...

The Best Mexican Restaurants in South Jersey

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