Throughout the first two weeks of the season, Eagles Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz has used a rotation at the cornerback position with the outside spot opposite Ronald Darby.

Rasul Douglas and Sidney Jones have shared the starting position almost at a 50-50 split.

It is time for Darby to be a part of that rotation, instead of being the unquestioned starter.

Unquestioned is the key word here. Neither Jones or Douglas have been able to seep into Darby's playing time often.

That is in spite of the veteran's inconsistent play.

Week 2 in Atlanta was no different. The Falcons targeted him heavily throughout the game.

Touchdowns from both Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley were against Darby in coverage. On the Ridley touchdown drive, the fifth-year CB got beat badly down the field two straight plays.

Both would have been touchdowns with better throws from Matt Ryan. That was the theme all game. The Falcons had success at every level of the field when going after Darby.

As he has been throughout his time in Philadelphia, Darby was also a liability in the tackling department.

Multiple missed tackles allowed Atlanta to create chunk plays on the outside in both the run and passing game.

Despite his struggles, Darby has continued to get the benefit of the doubt by Schwartz while the younger corners take turns on the sidelines.

This is nothing new. Since being traded to Philadelphia in 2017, Darby hasn't had to fight for his starting job.

Coming back off a serious leg injury that season, he got his spot back even with the promising play of a rookie Douglas.

His performance during the Super Bowl run had some highs but it also had some lows.

After another up and down run in 2018 that led to a second serious leg injury, Darby walked back into the top spot on the depth chart this season.

He didn't have to fight for his job during the summer.

Jones and Douglas meanwhile, shined all summer in training camp. It wasn't enough to beat Darby out.

There is an obvious existence of a long leash and it is time to pull it in a bit.

The other cornerbacks have been as inconsistent but the organization has seen the potential displayed on the field repeatedly from the likes of Jones, Douglas, and Avonte Maddox.

They were second, third, and fourth round picks for a reason.

It is time that Darby is held to the same standard. Held to the same accountability as his fellow corners.

He has flashed at a similar rate if not more but Ronald Darby has not done enough to earn the unquestioned role Schwartz and the Eagles have handed over.

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