The Eagles were buyers at the trade deadline, a clear indication that they are going for it this season.

The move to add running back Jay Ajayi was an indication that the team is making a playoff push by adding another piece.  The move doesn’t just improve Philadelphia’s lineup, it shows the front office is on board.

"If there are opportunities to improve our team, and improve where we're at, we have a responsibility to the people on the field, to the people off the field and to our fans to evaluate everything," Eagles Executive Vice President of Football Operations Howie Roseman said on Wednesday.

"That's our job and that's what we have been doing here, really, throughout the course of the season."

This is the Eagles time, Howie Roseman recognizes that, and is going for it now. This game against the Denever Broncos, which should be an matchup of  two teams heading in opposite directions.

The Broncos have lost three straight, and just made a quarterback switch, going from Trevor Siemian to Brock Osweiler.

The Eagles have won six in a row in spite of the injury bug that seemingly has tapped the Eagles on the shoulder each week this season. The Eagles have won games without their top corner Ronald Darby, Fletcher Cox, Jordan Hicks, Lane Johnson, Darren Sproles, and Jason Peters.

And after reciting all those issues, it’s important to remind you that Philadelphia is a win against Denver away from entering their bye week at 8-1 before facing Dallas in Week 11 and that was before the Eagles went and made a big move to add Ajayi at the trade deadline.

“I think you take into account where you are," Roseman said.

"It's certainly different when you are 7-1 than if you're having a losing season. But at the same time, we are not going to do anything that puts us in a bad spot going forward. A big part of this trade is the fact that it’s a 24-year-old back who is not just on a one-year deal."

The Eagles made this move without breaking the bank, giving up one of their four, 2018 fourth round picks, but they still have given up a lot of picks to help build this team.

"We still have two fourth-round picks and we traded a fourth-round pick for a guy we think is a good, young player in this league, too," Roseman explained. "When you look at percentages on hitting on picks, you try to balance that. By the same token, we have a lot of confidence in our scouting abilities and our scouting staff and we want to give them more and more resources, but we felt like this is the best move for our football team."

Now it’s up to this team to make those big moves payoff and take advantage of the window that they've opened, starting with Sunday’s game against Denver

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