In his first five seasons in the NFL, Sam Bradford has only played a full 16 game season twice.  So 2016 is the opportunity for Bradford to live up to the expectations that made him the Number One Overall Pick in the NFL Draft years ago.  But how many years does he have left to be a reliable NFL Quarterback?

Super Bowl Champion Quarterback and College Football Hall Of Famer Joe Thiesmann joined Mike Gill on Friday and spoke about the perception of Sam Bradford from a former NFL Quarterback:

"One of the things that has hurt Sam is the fact that he has been injured so much that it is hard to judge any consistency with him. Although to his credit he has been able to command huge amounts of money based upon potential, maybe this is the year he gets to deliver. I went a little sideways with the fact that he got a upset over the fact that they were drafting a quarterback and didn't tell him. So what? It is your job, you're making $35 million. They could draft Bart Starr, Joe Montana, and Steve Young all at once and it wouldn't matter. That was the way I looked at it because if the job were that important to you it doesn't matter who they bring in....With the wear and tear on Sam, he is not a 10 year quarterback anymore, maybe he is a 3 (year quarterback)”

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