There are certain places you need to check out when you visit certain areas.

The phrase "When in Rome" is based on doing things in Rome that the Romans did, even though everybody does them when they visit.

So what are some of the things that you must do when you visit the Jersey Shore or South Jersey as many call it?

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According to New Jersey Monthly Magazine, which compiled a list of their readers' favorite dining spots, by category, from around our area.

Each category had a North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey representative, with some of the winners coming from Atlantic or Cape May counties, when representing the South.

Scroll below to check out the complete list of restaurants in our area that people loved in 2023.

In the best of the best category, readers picked The Lobster House on Fisherman's Wharf, Cape May.

When it came to barbeque food, two South Jersey spots made the honorable mention list, Back Bay 135 Longport Somers Point Blvd and Henri's Hott's 1003 Black Horse Pike in Folsom.

For breakfast, it was the Mad Batter in Cape May that won the readers' hearts.

Next up was the best Brewery and for that the readers' choice was MudHen Brewing Company down in Wildwood.

If you are looking for the best burger, two spots made honorable mention, one Exit Zero in Cape May and the new Good Dog Bar in Atlantic City already gained some attention for its food.

When it came to a cheesesteak it was the legendary White House in Atlantic City that won out over all the other amazing cheesteaks that South Jersey has to offer.

Looking for the best French, Latin American|Caribbean cuisine?  Then 410 Bank Street in Cape May is the spot to try.

The best Greek food in our area?  George’s Place in Cape May.

The best hot dog in the area went to Hot Dog Tommy’s in Cape May.

Looking for the best lunch down the shore?  Blue Pig Tavern in Cape May was the winner in a great field of great places all over the Jersey Shore.

For the best Mexican food?  Julio’s on Main in Vineland was the top spot.

Looking for a romantic night out with your wife or girlfriend and the best wine list?  The Washington Inn in Cape May was the winner for both categories.

For Seafood, the winner for South Jersey was the Lobster House, and one of the honorable mention spots was Quahogs in Stone Harbor.

The best southern and soul food in the area was Kelsey’s in Atlantic City.

The best steakhouse in the city? Old Homestead in Atlantic City was the winner over a very good field, Atlantic City has a ton of great steakhouses, not only in the casinos, but all over the city.

When it comes to Vegetarian | Vegan food two Cape May spots were included, Bella Vida Garden Café in West Cape May, Jardin in Cape May, and La Lus Vegan Cafe Beverly all tied for the top spot. 

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