Carson Wentz's first season in the NFL has been what many would expect from a Rookie Quarterback, a season of highs and lows.  Wentz's had compiled 2,339 Passing Yards, 11 Touchdowns, 7 Interceptions and a Completion Percentage of 63.2 Percent with only 2 games in which he had more Interceptions than Touchdowns.  Outside of the statistics, you see the poise and ability of Wentz, leaving Eagles fans knowing their future franchise Quarterback is here now.

Mike Tirico of NBC Sports Sunday Night Football joined Mike Gill to discuss expectations revolving around Carson Wentz:

"You can't expect everybody to be a finished product immediately; Carson's done good things this year and I think he will continue to do good things as season goes on.  He's just not ready at that elite level of had the experience of played in Super Bowls, won Super Bowls, played in a lot of big games, he's getting that.  It doesn't mean he can't win games here along the way."

Hear what Tirico had to say about how Eagles compare with divisional rival Giants and his analysis of NFC East opponents Cowboys and Redskins