The PGA Tour is set to return in just over two weeks, and we got a little preview of what golf might look like when it comes back with The Match 2 on Sunday.

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning defeated Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady.

One of the highlights of the event was listening to the players converse during play, especially this moment from Brady, who admitted the Super Bowl loss to the Eagles still stings.

“It’s the Eagles that I cringe, bro. Not the Falcons,” Brady said during The Match 2 on Sunday.

Another fun moment of the Match 2 was when Manning was wondering who he could get to caddy for him during the event suggesting his brother Eli. who defeated Brady in a Super Bowl, and then mentioned Nick Foles,

Brady quickly turned and said: "That was a cheap shot."

Foles, the former Super Bowl MVP for the Eagles lone Super Bowl win, was tweeting during the event, having some fun with the players.

Overall, it was a fun event, and raised $20 million for COVID-19 charities and marked Woods' first competitive appearance since the Genesis Invitational in February.

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