At 9-1 the Philadelphia Eagles have the best record in the NFL along with the best Points For/Against Differential at +132 heading into Week 12 this season.  The Eagles are currently First in the NFL in Points Per Game (32.0) and Seventh in Points Against (18.8) along with being ranked Third in Total Yards (3,776).

Amani Toomer of NBC Sports Radio joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and gave his perspective of this 9-1 Eagles team:

“Quarterback is their identity, he’s the guy who when you think of the Eagles and think of that offense, you think of Carson Wentz and how well he’s played.  The defense is coming around, they got (Ronald) Darby back and he came back with an Interception – his first game with the Eagles he had an Interception, went out for a long time with that Ankle problem, comes back and has another interception.  That says a lot and that Secondary was one of the problems that people were thinking would be a weakness of that Philadelphia Eagles football team and it’s not proving to be so and a lot of it has to do with what they have upfront.  The way to have a great Secondary a hundred percent of the time is have a great Defensive Line and have a great pass rush; that makes every Secondary look a lot better than they are….The fact that they really bolstered up that Defensive Line, they got Brandon Graham playing well, got Fletcher Cox, got all these guys coming off the edge, they’re a problem that have to be dealt with and if they are not dealt with your Quarterback is not going to be able to look downfield.  So there’s a lot of things about this Eagles team I really like.”

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