With only 27 catches on 51 Targets and two Drops in 2016, Nelson Agholor has not done much to play any better after his lackluster Rookie season in the NFL.  Even Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson is considering his options by signing Wide Receiver Paul Turner to the 53-man roster.

13-year NFL Wide Receiver Amani Toomer spoke with MIke Gill on Wednesday and gave his perspective on Agholor's struggles playing Wide Receiver:

“I’ve been through it, every receiver who ever played a substantial amount of time has gone through this. There is nothing different about what Nelson Agholor is going through. He just has to come out the other end. Nobody cares about how mentally you're hurt, that's all good for different lines of work maybe. But in the NFL there is really no sympathy for bad performance, if you keep dropping the ball you will be dropping your career, it will go right through your fingers literally. I feel for him, I understand what it is but you have to come out of the other end or you are not going to be in the NFL for long.”

Hear what Toomer had to say about if Agholor should sit or play on Monday Night versus the Packers along with his analysis of Cowboys vs Redskins on Thanksgiving and his perspective on the Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry game

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