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Here is today’s show: Thursday April 26th, 2012.
Today's episode is entitled: Unguarded

2:00 p.m. hour

"The Sportsbash" is live today at Harbor Pines in EHT, NJ for the 2012 NFL Draft Party, where one lucky listener has a won a trip to Tampa, FL in December to see the Eagles face the Buccaneers!

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck open up the show with their mock drafts and what they think the Eagles will do at number 15.

The Bet

Mike and Todd go over the bet that was a made a few weeks involving tonight's 1st round.  The bet is: If the Eagles pick QB Ryan Tannehill in the 1st round, Mike Gill must shave his head to a '1 with clippers!

Now if the Eagles select WR Michael Floyd in the 1st round, Todd must shave his head to a '1.

If neither is selected, nothing happens.

3:00 p.m. hour

Former Boston Celtics PG Chris Herren stops by live at Harbor Pines to talk about his appearances in Ocean City tonight and tomorrow afternoon.  He is the feature story in the ESPN 30for30 documentary "Unguarded."  What an incredible story of his battle(s) with addiction and his struggles with his family he was able to share with us.

The Sports Bash Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange took in some 1st round NFL Draft Over/Unders, including: how many QBS, RBS and WRS will be selected in the 1st round of tonights draft.

4:00 p.m. hour

Wes Bunting, Scout Director from National Football Post called in and gave us his final 1st Round Mock Draft.  He insists that Ryan Tannehill will be drafted by the Miami Dolphins at the 8th selection.  Michael Floyd on the other hand will be selected by the Arizona Cardinals at pick 13.  Wes has the Eagles selecting North Carolina DE Quinton Coples as the 15th selection.

Top Tweets

What are the latest trade scenarios leading up to tonight's NFL Draft?  Can the Sixers still play the Heat?  It's all in today's Top Tweets!

5:00 p.m. hour

The draft is fast approaching and our Eagles Insider Ryan Messick gives his FINAL Mock Draft.  Who or what does he have the Philadelphia Eagles doing with their 15th selection?  Does he expect the Cleveland Browns to select a QB with one of their 2 1st round selections?  Its all ON DEMAND.

5 Questions

1. How long will it take for the first two picks to be announced?

2. Which Eagles 1st round pick in the past has gotten you the most excited?

3. Which Eagles 1st round pick got you the least excited?

4. Will the Eagles select before or after 10 p.m?

5. Will each of you actually shave your heads if you lose the bet?

Pete Giordano is the producer of "The Sportsbash." E-mail him: 973espn@gmail.com