BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – The Quarterback is the most scrutinized player on the football field. He could receive all the praise or all the criticism depending on the outcome of a game. The Philadelphia Eagles currently have three quarterbacks who seem to have the ability to block that outside noise and remain focused on working together for the sake of the team.

Eagles Quarterbacks visit and Escape Room inside Mall of America Courtesy: @cj_wentz
Eagles Quarterbacks visit and Escape Room inside Mall of America
Courtesy: @cj_wentz

Carson Wentz, Nick Foles and Nate Sudfeld are very close on and off the field. In fact, they went to an Escape Room together inside the Mall of America to have some fun earlier this week.

“We had a blast,” Sudfeld laughed. “We did one called the heist and another one called prison break. It’s really fun to experience hanging out with each other outside of football and bond. A lot of funny stuff happens out there, whether it is me misreading a number or Nick not pushing a button. We razz each other and it is a lot of fun.”

That chemistry combined with their football talent has created a unique atmosphere inside the quarterback room.

“I have three rules,” Eagles Quarterbacks Coach John DeFilippo said. “Be on time, take great notes and play with swagger. We have the best quarterback room in the National Football League, the best. I am not afraid to say that. I have told them that from day one.”

All three guys bought into DeFilppo’s philosophy. They get to the facility early, collaborate while watching film and exude confidence.

“We go in at the same time everyday at 6 a.m. and we watch film together and drink our coffee and discuss plays,” Quarterback Nate Sudfeld stated. “A lot of ideas are thrown off the wall and we see what sticks. We truly like being around each other and have embraced the roles we all have.”

Nick Foles is currently the guy in the spotlight in that room. Carson Wentz was playing at an MVP level and Foles was tasked with stepping in and trying to replace that kind of productivity. He credits his success with the way the quarterback room prepared him for stepping in if and when it became necessary.

“I have been fortunate to be a part of some great quarterback rooms,” Foles explained. “This is a really great quarterback room. It makes your job a lot easier when you in film early in the morning and you get along really well. You can talk about the game plan and help each other out. When one guy gets injured another guy steps up.”

DeFilippo credits his three quarterbacks for their success based on the way they are built emotionally and mentally.

“They are all tremendous character people,” DeFilippo said. “If you have character at the quarterback position, it doesn’t guarantee you success, but if you don’t have character you have zero chance for success.”

DeFilippo was the Offensive Coordinator for the Cleveland Browns prior to taking the position with the Eagles as their Quarterbacks Coach. He worked with quarterbacks like Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel in Cleveland and players like Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel in Philadelphia. He sees some unique qualities in the Eagles current three quarterbacks that differ from some of the guys he has coached in the past.

“These guys are obsessed with football,” Defilippo explained. “They are always in the building, they are all gym rats, they all love digging into extra tape, they love coming to me and asking questions, they love giving ideas and they are always looking for something to make it better. All three of those guys get along because they all have the same mindset. There is not one guy that drags the room down because he is trying to get out of there. Whenever you have those two things, character and love of the game, you have the chance to have a great room.”

Can a great room lead to a Super Bowl victory? We will find out Sunday evening when the Eagles meet the Patriots with the Lombardi Trophy on the line.

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