Howie Roseman has come a long way from being an unpaid intern to building the roster that won the Eagles their first Super Bowl championship and winning the PFWA's NFL Executive of the Year Award.  Roseman was elevated to Director of Football Administration in 2003 and then to Vice President of Football Administration in 2006 followed by becoming the Eagles' General Manager from 2010-14.  After his exile in Chip Kelly's power play in 2015, Roseman returned to an official Front Office role in 2016 becoming Eagles Executive VP of Football Operations.  Roseman is the architect behind the moves that led the Eagles to jump up the 2016 NFL Draft to second overall and select Carson Wentz while also Roseman led the Head Coaching search that resulted in the hiring of Doug Pederson.  On Sunday, Roseman and Pederson both received contract extensions through 2022 as a reward for their success during the 2017 season.

NFL Network Contributor Lloyd Vance joined Rich Quinones on Tuesday with his perspective on Howie Roseman receiving a contract extension:

"They are the front office model and coaching structure everyone is looking at to copy. (NFL) is a copy cat league and they’re the champs; Howie Roseman, a guy who came back basically from the dead - from the back corner at Novacare (Complex) and taking over and (now) holding the Lombardi trophy. More power to him as they gave him this extension, and well deserved....But we know Jerry Reece at one time got an extension with the New York Giants after he won a Super Bowl and look what happened to him."

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