Philadelphia Eagles Voluntary OTAs began on Tuesday with Sam Bradford, Chase Daniel, and Carson Wentz as full participants.  Looking ahead to the 2016 season, there are still questions around how long Bradford's leash is at Quarterback and where his teammates stand on any potential Quarterback change.  Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon, who was a starting Quarterback for four different NFL teams in his 17 year career, spoke with Rich Quinones on Tuesday about the player's perspective of the starting Quarterback situation with Bradford and the Eagles:

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images For DirecTV

"I think players overall are very forgiving, they understand the business of the game and all they want to see is you go out on the field and play well and help us win. If you do that, everything else will be put to the side. Now if you don't play well, there might be some rumblings about how you're playing and whether they should make a change or not.  But they're also going to look at the young guy and see how he's playing or they're going to look at Chase Daniel and see how he is playing behind (Bradford) to see if it maybe a good situation to make a change.  The players, they're smarter than what you think, they're evaluating everyone's performances all the time, especially the Quarterback cause they see what he does each and every day in practice, they see how much time he puts in the building whether it's in the film room or the weight room or whatever it might be.  So they have a good feel for who should be playing and who shouldn't and if Sam (Bradford) is not playing well in games I think the writing will be on the wall whether they're going to make that change early or not based on if Carson Wentz is ready to play or Chase Daniel's ready to play."

Hear Moon's thoughts on Sam Bradford's handling on everything along with his thoughts on the Seattle Seahawks in 2016 and reflections on his career in the NFL