Ben Simmons was back on the practice court with his Sixers teammates in Camden on Monday, but does that mean he will play on Wednesday night when the team opens the season in New Orleans?

That remains to be seen.

"Honestly I haven't even thought about it much," Sixers head coach Doc Rivers said on Monday. "I'm just going to wait and see."

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He didn't seem to be too interested in engaging with his teammates as the team huddled at the end of practice. As you can see from the video below, Simmons is in the back of the huddle, pretty much disengaged, dribbling the ball.  As soon as the team breaks down the huddle, Simmons exits the practice court without talking to anyone.

However, the Philadelphia and national media will get a chance to ask Ben when he speaks today after Sixers practice.

It will be the first time Simmons speaks since the teams Game 7 loss to Atlanta and the subsequent trade demands.

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At the end of Game 7, reporter Chris Franklin of explained to Simmons that the fans were chanting trade Ben Simmons, to which the point guard said, he was only thinking about the fact that they lost Game 7. Franklin followed that up by asking Simmons if he would like to remain in Philly, to which Simmons said, "Yeah, I love being in Philly, I love this organization, the fans are great, great people. I had a bad series, I expect that, its Philly."

So what changed?

Maybe we'll find out today.

Regardless if Simmons is on the floor or not, you can listen to the Sixers and Pelicans, Wednesday night at 7 p.m. on 97.3 ESPN with Tom McGinnis calling all the action.

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