The 2019 NBA Playoff bracket is in place, and the Philadelphia 76ers officially have their opponents set. After a victory on Wednesday night, the Brooklyn Nets have locked in the sixth seed, and will face off against the third-seeded Sixers. Despite being ahead in the playoff race though, the Sixers know that their upcoming series won't exactly be a walk in the park. As they are quite familiar with their opponent, we've seen the Brooklyn Nets give the Sixers a run for their money in the past.

That's likely the reason why the fans of Brooklyn were feeling quite confident on Wednesday night after the NBA season finale for both squads. As the Nets became victorious, they knew immediately that they would face the Sixers during the first round of the playoffs. Earlier in the week, they celebrated the idea of clinching a playoff berth.

On Wednesday though, the vibe was different. Confidence kicked in as Nets fans cheered "we want Philly!" throughout the Barclay's Center. The Nets organization was feeling confident along with the fan base as they filmed the loud and proud cheers to eventually post to Twitter for everybody to see - but it didn't take long before the video was taken down. As expected though, the Sixers caught it and responded accordingly.

The Nets might want Philly in Brooklyn, but first, they have to make sure they can handle the harsh environment of the Wells Fargo Center. As Sixers fans have flooded the seats in South Philly this season, it's only going to get even crazier as the slate gets wiped clean and every game feels like it's do-or-die in the go big or go home series.

Last year, the Sixers were the new kids in the playoffs and made it to the second round. This year, they have a little bit of experience, but that will only get them so far. As the Nets have issued Philadelphia some trouble in the past, this series won't be taken lightly. However, the fans of Brooklyn should be careful what they wish for - because the Sixers are surely entering the postseason with a chip on their shoulders.


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