If I were a voter this is how I would vote. Remember The Heisman has NOTHING to do with how you think a player will play in the NFL. My rankings are based on how well a player played this season and on who played the best in the biggest moments.

  • Ezra Shaw, Getty Images
    Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

    Andrew Luck

    You think this is too low? In his best chance for a "Heisman Moment" against Oregon he went 27-41 for only 256 yards and 2 interceptions in a loss. He will be the first pick in the draft, but he didn't impress me when it mattered.

  • Gregory Shamus, Getty Images
    Gregory Shamus, Getty Images

    Montee Ball

    Montee Ball showed up in the big spot against Michigan St. in the Big 10 championship game with 137 yards and 3 touchdowns. He had 38 total touchdowns this year. Strength of schedule holds him back along with maybe not being the best player on his own team.
  • Kevin C Cox, Getty Images
    Kevin C Cox, Getty Images

    Trent Richardson

    Another case of a guy coming up small in the big moment. He had only 89 yards and no touchdowns against LSU. Fine season overall, (1500+ yards) but I can't give him the trophy.
  • Sarah Glenn, Getty Images
    Sarah Glenn, Getty Images

    Robert Griffin III

    AMAZING season and I expect him to be the actual winner. Had his moment against Oklahoma in a big way in a come from behind victory. Has better passing statistics then Luck and played in a better conference top to bottom. Would be my winner most seasons.

  • Kevin C Cox, Getty Imahes
    Kevin C Cox, Getty Imahes

    Tyrann Mathieu

    "Honey Badger" is the best player on the best team in the country. Had MANY moments but just last week in the SEC championship game he gave LSU 7 points before they had a 1st down. A walking momentum changer, he has also forced 5 fumbles this year. He doesn't play a skill position and won't get the credit he deserves, but to me he is the best player in the country.

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