To start the 2016 season the Eagles defense was statistically one of the top ten defenses in the NFL and Jim Schwartz was getting much of the credit for their success.  But over the last five games the Birds are 1-4 and the defense is allowing 25 Points Per Game and 352 Total Yards Per Game.

Press of Atlantic City Eagles Writer Dave Weinberg joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday with criticism of Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz and Head Coach Doug Pederson:

“There was all this praise for Jim Schwartz in the beginning of the season that he was going to be the next candidate to get a head coaching job, but that conversation has not been too popular the past couple of weeks. I think Pederson and Schwartz both were out coached it’s plain and simple. They just did not have any answers for what the Packers were throwing at them and that is why they lost.”

Checkout what Weinberg had to say about the Eagles diverting away from the Running Game on Offense in the loss to the Packers along with perspective on the play of Fletcher Cox and Jalen Mills this season