Many fingers outside the Eagles complex are pointing at Head Coach Doug Pederson to blame for the loss on Sunday versus the New York Giants.  From his play calling to decisions to go for it on 4th Down to use of questionable personnel packages in key situations; but was the Eagles play calling on offense and defense too predictable?  Was that the overarching issue that led to the loss?

13-year NFL Wide Receiver Amani Toomer of NBC Sports Radio joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and gave his perspective on if the Eagles were predictable in Sunday's loss:

" I never really was a proponent of predictability in football because there's really not that much you can do; you can run it or pass it, you can run it a couple different formations but....there's not many things you can do in football, it's not that creative.  Football's more of a game that's about can you beat me, can my man beat you, the individual battles; so I never really was a proponent of 'being predictable'; I think the thing is (the Eagles) just didn't execute well and they took unnecessary risks that ultimately cost them the game."

Hear Toomer's breakdown of the Eagles loss to the Giants, why it's not Wentz's fault, and his thoughts on the state of Officiating in the NFL