Doug Pederson is entering his second year as Head Coach of the Eagles.  After a 7-9 season in 2016, expectations are for a better year in 2017 thanks to big additions to the roster in Free Agency and the NFL Draft.  While Pederson had many critics for his decisions made last season, Eagles' fans forget that the three most successful Head Coaches of the last 40 years all had losing seasons in their first year on the job: Andy Reid (5-11 in 1999), Buddy Ryan (5-10-1 in 1986) and Dick Vermeil (4-10 in 1976).

CSN Philly Eagles Reporter Derrick Gunn joined The Locker Room on Saturday with his perspective on Doug Pederson heading into his second season as Head Coach:

"We have to wait and see how much Doug Peterson improves when it comes to game day decisions, play calling, strategic decisions, fourth down decisions- things like that. Obviously he went through a few growing pains, in terms of trying to be obviously aggressive sometimes, being a little too aggressive in the wrong situations. So hopefully he doesn’t lose that edge because we could sit back as lounge chair quarterbacks and critique and say what we would have done time and time again but he’s the one that has got to make these decisions and live with them. And he’s in a situation, working with Howie Roseman, who he’s known for a long time, he’s been a breath of fresh air, around that organization, considering what they had before him which was Chip Kelly- completely the opposite. So from a management structure they get a coach who’s friendly with everybody in the building. They get a coach who they can make suggestions to. They get a coach who can relate to players because he was a former player and I haven’t heard one player say they anything negative about Doug Pederson. Every player I’ve talked to said they can talk to him about football as well as other issues off the field as well."

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