Millville High School alum Mike Trout has had a rough time staying on the field in LA the past few seasons, dealing with injuries.

Last year Trout played in just 119 games, dealing with a rare back disorder called costovertebral dysfunction, and in 2023 he appeared in just 82 contests this season, being placed on the injured list after fracturing his left hamate bone fouling off a pitch back in early July.

Trout had played in less than 60% of the Angels' games dating back to 2020.

Reports have indicated that the Angles would be willing to move Trout if he in fact asks to be moved this offseason.

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Over at CBS Sports, they ranked all 30 Major League Baseball teams' chances of landing the eleven-time MLB All-Star, and three-time American League Most Valuable Player in a trade if the Angels decided to move on from him.

There were seven teams they ranked with a legitimate chance of landing Trout.

The Yankees came in at No. 7, The San Diego Padres were next at No. 6, and the New York Mets were next at No. 5.

Coming in at No. 4 on the list?  The Philadelphia Phillies.

Here's a fun one. Trout landing on the same roster as Bryce Harper would be all kinds of enticing, and relocating to Philadelphia on a permanent basis would make it easier for him to attend Eagles games. Add in how Dave Dombrowski has always displayed a flair for blockbuster deals, and we're willing to buy in.

The Top 3?  The LA Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, and the best chance to land Trout?  His current team the Angles.

The people at CBS Sports simply don't see the Angles moving Trout,

There are simply too many variables that will complicate a deal, and we have a hard time seeing Moreno committing to trading away his only remaining draw when it's actually on the table. Maybe we'll be proven wrong -- for Trout's sake, here's hoping.

That didn't keep former Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins from dreaming about the possibility that Trout join Bryce Harper and Trea Turner in Philly next season.

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