After the Eagles acquired Dorial Green-Beckham from the Titans on Tuesday, there are now seven players on the team's 90 man roster who have experience playing the Wide Receiver position in the NFL.  The expectations are that Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor are secure with their place on this team, but what does this trade mean for the other Receivers?

ESPN's Phil Sheridan has covered the Philadelphia Eagles for over 30 years joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday and discussed what led to the Eagles making the trade with the Titans on Tuesday:

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
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"In terms of Rueben Randle and Chris Givens (the Eagles) brought in guys with a little experience, a little bit older than the group that they had, kind of hoping one of those guys emerges as a leader....but now you're looking at how these guys have played and what they have done, I don't think anybody wants Rueben Randle setting the tone for the Wide Receiver core.  So they went out (traded) for a guy with just raw talent and see what they can make of him but in (Dorial) Green-Beckham what you have is a guy that you need someone to lead, you're not bringing him in to be a leader, you're bringing him in to be led.  Clearly they're hoping a guy like Jordan Matthews can kind of establish himself as that leader and get this kid on the right track.  But that's a big ask of a guy like Matthews who is a great kid and hard worker, does everything the right way but he is still trying to find his own way in the league...the hope is that if everything clicks and comes together quickly with Green-Beckham he could be that (number one Receiver) kind of guy; he's got the ability, the size and the speed to be a guy you can rely on."

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