In his rookie season Dorial Green-Beckham had 549 Receiving Yards and four Receiving Touchdowns.  While these statistics are not eye popping, they were the second most productive among NFL Rookie Wide Receivers in 2015.

ESPN NFL Insider KC Joyner joined Mike Gill on Monday and talked about Dorial Green-Beckham's talent potential as he joins the Eagles:

"If he plays up to his talent level it's definitely a steal.  I'll give you a number here: I rate Cornerbacks by a number of different coverage metrics and I rate them according to color categories; so like really good Cornerbacks are Red rated, you dont want to throw at them...When Dorial Green-Beckham faced a Red or Yellow rated Cornerback last year, he averaged 10 yards per attempt which is a really good number, that's almost twice as high as the Red and Yellow Cornerbacks generally tend to give up.  So he has the capacity to be the kind of matchup guy who you want as a Receiver if he'll play up to that level it's just can you get him to play to that level on a consistent basis?"

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