After 8 games the Eagles Rushing Offense ranks 17th in the NFL is Rushing Yards (862 yards) and 21st in NFL in Yards Per Attempt (4.0) with Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles as the top Running Backs.  But in the last 2 games in which they lost, Sproles has been the team's leader in carries with 18 Total while Mathews presence in the backfield has declined to a total of 9 carries in those games. NFL Insider KC Joyner was a guest on The Sports Bash on Monday and discussed the conundrum of the Eagles Running Back situation:

“They look like they are trying to make Darren Sproles into some kind of a bell cow; he can not take the kind of workload you gave him yesterday, you can not do that all season long....You had 4th and 1 on one play and they had Sproles run a half stretch play where he plows into the line; that's not where you want Sproles, you do not want him running that play, you want Mathews running that play....I know Mathews has not been whatever you want him to be but he is your Power Back.  Sproles is not going to be your power back so you do not put him out there on a power rushing play, just don’t do it. Maybe as a change of pace that is fine. Thats 4th and 1 they are looking for the power rushing play you do not want your smallest running back out there you want your biggest running back.”

Hear Joyner breakdown why the analytics say Carson Wentz played better than what was perceived on Sunday along with analysis of what led to the Eagles loss to the Giants and overview of the top stories coming out of NFL Sunday Week 9

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