Heading into NFL Week 14, the Eagles are preparing for their match-up with the 9-3 Los Angeles Rams.  The Rams boast an offense that is tied with the Eagles for most Points Scored in the NFL this season (361) and they are Fourth in the league in Total Yards (4,472).  Also their Quarterback Jared Goff is Ninth in the league in Passing Yards (3,184) while Running Back Todd Gurley is Second in the NFL with 1,502 Total Yards from Scrimmage.

ESPN NFL Reporter and National Correspondent Sal Paolantonio The Sports Bash on Thursday discussing what Eagles players are telling him is their strategy to beat the Rams this Sunday:

"I asked Malcom Jenkins last night, we did an on field interview after practice and we were talking about Wentz and Goff - I said what kind of message do you send to a young quarterback? And he said 'Stop (Todd) Gurley' and I was like, you are absolutely right. If you put the hammer down on Gurley, and then blitz Goff, you can control the line of scrimmage and control what they do offensively.  You know they are scoring 30 points a game like the Eagles, and you know they have consistently put up a lot of points, and what it comes down to is the Third and Fourth Quarter….This is going to be a Four Quarters game”

Checkout what Paolantonio had to say about Eagles loss to Seahawks, how the team has been practicing the last couple weeks, and more insights on Rams versus Eagles match-up.

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