2016 will mark the second straight season that a Quarterback drafted in the Top Two of the NFL Draft will start Week One of the NFL season as the Eagles' named Rookie Carson Wentz as the team's starting Quarterback for this Sunday's Game versus the Browns.  This will be the seventh time in the last nine seasons a team has drafted a Quarterback in the Top Five of the NFL Draft and that player has started Week One for the Franchise.

ESPN NFL Insider KC Joyner, The Football Scientist, joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday with his analysis of what he expects from Carson Wentz this season:

"He's looked (a lot) better than Goff did, Goff has looked terrible and Wentz from what we have seen has looked better....this is a non-statistical analysis, but he doesn't seem to be the sort of guy who cracks under pressure easily.....I think that's probably what they are talking about as much as being able to read defenses because I expect he's going to be like any, even good, Quarterback during a Rookie season; Peyton Manning threw a ton of Interceptions his Rookie season, Eli (Manning) did, a lot of Quarterbacks go out their Rookie season and they just force passes into coverage.  So I think the Eagles realize (they are) going to see  some mistakes from this guy, he's going to take chances, but they're Okay with that because he's the sort of guy that if he throws an Interception one play he seems to have the kind of mindset that says (he) can throw a Touchdown on the next (play).  And if you got that guy, get him under center."

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