Everyday at 5:45 we play “Five Questions” where Pat Gallen asks Mike Gill five questions that are on his mind.  Sports, Pop Culture, Food and more, you never know what questions Pat might ask.

Here are today’s questions:

1. Better Valentine’s Gift – chocolate, lingerie, jewelry, or tickets to something (game, opera, ballet). Or do you just go with a card?

Mike Gill's Answer:  Tickets to a game + a card.

2. Who is your sports valentine? What player are you just so smitten with right now you’d like to give him or her a box of chocolates and a card?

Mike Gill's Answer: That's easy, Jeremy Lin!

3. –The Mets are having Edgardo Alfonzo bobble head night at some point this season. What middling ex-Phillie player would you most like to see have a bobble head night?

Mike Gill's Answer: Steve Jeltz

4. Jeremy Lin – over/under 18 points and over/under 8 assists tonight against the Raptors with Amare Stoudemire back for the Knicks?

Mike Gill's Answer: Lin:  20 points, 10 assists

5. Best Jeremy Lin nickname and we can put this to rest: Linsanity, Super Lintendo, The Linstigator, Linderella, Linsational, or Just Lin Baby, or my personal one that I just made up – All I do is Lin, Lin, Lin, Lin, Lin?

Mike Gill's Answer: Linderella

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